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CEFA – new president elected!

During the General Assembly of „Central European Fair Alliance“ (CEFA) at Pordenone Pietro Piccinetti was elected as president. Picinetti, who is the CEO of „Fiera Pordenone“ and „Fiera Roma“, takes the responsibility for CEFA’s development within the next two years. He is the successor of Dr. Kyriakos Pozrikidis (CEO der Helexpo/Thessaloniki).


Trade Shows and Communication 2.0 – “CEFA-Professional Seminar 2017”

Digitisation and disruptive changes in communication massively impact the entire economy and not least the trade show and exhibition sector. 19 Cefa trade show experts from eight nations met for the traditional CEFA Professional Seminar on 9 and 10 May to discuss the implications of Communi-cation 2.0 on the exhibition industry. The focus of the discussions and deliberations was on topical and practical examples. The bottom line of the seminar: many questions need still to be answered and we are heading into an exciting future.

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The traditional CEFA professionals seminars invite specialists of the CEFA member companies to introduce and to hear more and more ideas, best practices at a very interactive, workshop type of event. This year the topic of the seminar was "The Product Development/Branding at the Exhibition Industry. 27 participants from 12 CEFA member companies attended at the this year CPS.

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CEFA & IFES professionals learn & network for the first time in a joint international seminar: Pordenone Fiere hosts the CPS / NGL on the occasion of EXPO 2015 in Milan

48 exhibition professionals from 14 countries – employed by venue owners, organizers and booth constructors – enjoyed a thrilling training and social programme on “Storytelling”. It was offered as a premiere by CEFA and IFES, the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services, and hosted by the CEFA member Pordenone Fiere. Highlight was a full-day-excursion to Milan for visiting the EXPO 2015 and screening at the site what could be learned by such a great worldwide event for everyday exhibition businesses.

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Appointment of New CEFA Secretary General

Janos Barabas follows Franz Reisbeck as of January 2015

Janos Barabas, PhD, Vice President of HUNGEXPO Ltd. Budapest (until December 2014), will take over the position of Secretary General of CEFA – Central European Fair Alliance. He follows Franz Reisbeck, who had served as CEFA Secretary General for almost nine years after his contract as CEO of Gesellschaft fuer Handwerksmessen GHM in Munich had expired.

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CEFA Experts Meeting 2014 on Web-shops, online Booking Systems & Data Management in the Exhibition Industry

The seventh CEM (CEFA Experts Meeting) took place on November 20-21, 2014 in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and was hosted by the CEFA member Gospodarsko razstavišče. 25 participants dealt with the hotspot theme how experts from the exhibition industry should handle effectively web-shops, online booking systems and data management.

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CEFA contributes to the 3rd Annual Forum of the Strategy for the Danube Region

“We grow Together – Together we grow”

The third Forum of the Danube Strategy of the EU took place on June 26-27 in the City Hall Vienna. This high-level conference with a substantial presence of the stakeholders offered a platform for CEFA to recommend the broad-ranged portfolio of its trade fairs for almost any activities within the four pillars of the EUSDR.

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CEFA General Assembly in Skopje/Macedonia

The General Assembly of CEFA, the Central European Fair Alliance, was held on 13 June 2014 in Skopje/Republic of Macedonia. Host of this conference was Skopje Fair Group/ExpoMedia because Daniela Gligorovska, executive director of Skopje Fair Group/ExpoMedia, is CEFA’s president-in-office. 

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CEFA Press Release on the CEFA Professionals Seminar CPS 2014

This year´s CEFA Professionals Seminar was dedicated different aspects of “B2B Exhibition Business – How to Increase Value for our Clients?” It was hosted by TIFHelexpo in Thessaloniki, the newest CEFA member.

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Congratulations Matthias Limbeck

CEFA Chairman celebrates his 50th birthday.

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News from CENTREX

Question: Can 300 exhibitions be visited in 10 cities of 5 Central Eas European countries with one VIP Card? It has now become possible in CENTREX family!

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D2C: Designer to Consumer

Under the patronage of the Italian Association for Industrial Design ADI - Delegation Veneto,Trentino and South-Tyrol, D2C Designer to Consumer, hereby announces the competition for the selection of self-producing designers in the field of interior design...

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More than just a roof

2010/31EU - this seemingliy harmless sequence of numbers and letters is the designation of the latest European Union Energy Performance of Buildings...

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CEFA Experts Meeting 2013 Skopije/FJR Macedonia

The CEM was held in the birthplace of the World famous nun, missionary and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mother Theresa.

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Good reasons to visit opti 2014

New ideas, continuing-education opportunities, personal contact with business associates and an extensive market overview: There are plenty of reasons to visit opti 2014 in Munich – and several ways for opticians to profit from the comprehensive range of exhibits at the international trade show for optics & design from 10 to 12 January 2014.

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New business opportunities after Croation accession to EU

Croatia has become the 28th member of the European Union.

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CEFA Steering Committee Meeting Bolzano

On 19th September 2013 Fiera Bolzano hosted the autumn Steering Committee Meeting of CEFA to discuss and finalise upcoming CEFA events.

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Member News

New press releases from the CEFA members.
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CEFA General Assembly in Plovdiv

On June 21, 2013, altogether 30 representatives of 14 CEFA member companies met for the yearly General Assembly in Plovdiv/Bulgaria

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CEFA Professionals Seminar in Brno

"Cross Marketing - How to Connect the Offline and Online World in Trade Fair Business" was the topic of the CEFA Professionals Seminar in April 2013.

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CEFA Steering Committee Meeting Zagreb

20 participants from 13 membercompanies discussed seminars 2013 and new membership applications.

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Export Conference in Zagreb

CEFA member CBBS and partners successfully organized international export conference.

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Conference on March 22, 2013 in Zagreb:
Export - Engine of Development.

The trade fair industry as a key for the growth of export and internationalization of European companies.

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CEFA Activities 2013

In 2013 the program of CEFA will include three meetings, one congress and two seminars

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Autumn Steering Committee Meeting in Tirana

CEFA members and guests from Kosovo and Greece came together in Tirana to hold for the first time the Steering Committee Meeting in Albania.

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CEFA Experts Meeting Budapest - New Stage of Cooperation and Role of Think Tank

The 5th CEFA Experts Meeting on 22 and 23 November 2012 in Budapest was dedicated to "Communication and Promoting the EU Strategy for the Danube Region by CEFA Exhibitions"

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CEFA President and Secretary General in Sarajevo

At the beginning of July Matthias Limbeck and Franz Reisbeck visited Sarajevo for talks with officials regarding the restructuring process of the destroyed Sarajevo exhibition hall. The fact finding mission was aimed at finding possibilities how to support Skenderija Centar for restructuring the exhibition hall with the help of the CEFA network.

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CEFA General Assembly Vienna 2012

The yearly General Assembly of CEFA - Central European Fair Alliance was held in Vienna on June 15, 2012. Host for the 35 participants, representing 15 trade fair companies and three associated members, was Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien. Paul Woodward, Managing Director of UFI - the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry participated in the General Assembly as well.
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CEFA 2012

The president of the Central European Fair Alliance (CEFA), Matthias Limbeck, (CEO – Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien), Klaus Dittrich, chairman of the CEFA General Assembly, (chairman of the board of directors at Messe München GmbH), and Franz Reisbeck, the CEFA general secretary, introduced a programme of tasks agreed for the CEFA in 2012.
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